Those Are the Most eldritch Bits of Automobile Minutiae Our Readers Shared

I do not simply love studying area of interest car minutiae for its personal sake; I additionally like no longer all the time feeling like the most important anorak within the room. No longer in a foul method—my favourite individuals are probably the most strangest you’ll be able to meet, and a few of you were given on my Great Listing to your solutions to our query concerning the strangest car minutiae . Those are a few of my favourite solutions from the feedback:

Cruise Regulate


It appears, the dude who invented cruise keep watch over was once blind. No, severely. (Should you say the phrase “visionary,” I am not going to prevent somebody from kicking your ass.)

The person who invented cruise keep watch over was once blind
His title was once Ralph Teetor, and he was once impressed to invent cruise keep watch over through his legal professional, who was once it sounds as if an overly deficient motive force.
~ John DeSimone

Honda, Miatas, and Trucks

There is not any pithy option to mix those—it is the car factoid identical of a peanut butter and onion sandwich. Which, it sounds as if, is lovely just right. I will have to offer {that a} check out later.

Soichiro Honda Honda as soon as known as GM’s bluff and constructed a collection of CVCC heads for a 1973 350 Impala, which proceeded to have higher emissions than the catalytic converters GM was once going to make use of.
The unique Mariner blue from the Miata was once a right away pattern from a CA registration code of the time.
The 4th gen Econoline (1992-∞) was once a refresh of the 1975-1991 fashion. It has had one facelift for 2008. It is had 3 interiors and much more steerage wheels. Most significantly, it is had the 460/300i6, 3.8/5.4/6.8 V10, 6.2 Boss, and now 7.3 Godzilla as engines. That is 4 engine generations in a single frame taste, even though with the cutaway handiest being presented since 2015.
~ Alec Weinstein

Lotus Lore

A Toyota V6 wasn’t the one repurposed Eastern automotive phase within the Lotus Evora. It appears, in addition they used Honda Accord steerage racks, despite the fact that Lotus house owners disagree over which fashion precisely it comes from.

The LHD steerage rack for the Lotus Evora is from a RHD Honda Accord. ~ wezelboy

Somebody Purchase This Guy a Drink

The Aerostar AWD had a recall, as a result of its aluminum driveshaft was once too skinny and failed. Seems it is just about a super drop in to a Foxbody with just a U joint trade and might be able to be the Ford Racing phase offered one by one.
GM Phase 22649423. Google it.
The Pontiac Vibe is a joint mission between Toyota and GM, according to the Matrix. As a result of the GM affect, Toyota learned the odometer can prevent at 299,999 miles. Someway, sufficient have made it for other folks to be informed this.
The Chevy Monza was once no longer handiest the primary Chevy to run sq. sealed beams, but in addition had a torque arm 7 years ahead of the third gen Camaro were given one. The REALLY fascinating bit is, when the GM rotary was once yoinked on the final 2d and the 262ci SBC (smallest ever) wasn’t in a position to go CARB, about 3500 California vehicles were given a 350. It was once rated at 125 hp, however was once similar to the 145hp motor in better vehicles. They just weigh about 3000 lbs, so within the mid-70s it was once a rocket. For the reason that third gen Camaro handiest were given a 350 for 1987 (iirc), this was once a peek 12 years into the long run.
A Volvo 760 Turbo dual cam head drops just about completely onto a Ford Lima 2.3, and a BMW Ok-series bike head suits the BMC A-series.
~ Alec Weinstein

Ford Modeled Some T

A transverse-mounted inline-eight powering the rear wheels appears like a dream involving the Cizeta-Moroder V16T after smoking blue lotus flower. Or, simply an experimental Ford Pace—you simply gotta surprise what this seemed like.

Ford made a wholly new powertrain device known as T-Power. It was once an Inline, DOHC engine that may be as much as 8 cylinders and despatched its energy via a RWD transmission, despite the fact that it was once fastened transverse, thus why it earned the title T-Power. ~ JohnTaurus

Quattro? Cinco!

The word “magnesium engine block” appears like the basis of an episode of Smartly There may be Your Drawback. They had been simply attempting to make Crew B as bad as imaginable, were not they?

Audi’s well-known 5 Cylinder Turbo engine used a stout cast-iron block within the highway vehicles, and aluminum blocks in probably the most Rally Vehicles. There have been additionally a small quantity of Magnesium blocks used within the Crew B vehicles. Closing I have heard of the magnesium blocks, one fell into the arms of a individuals of some of the Quattro boards.
Early rally vehicles had 10V heads, sooner or later shifting as much as 20V heads (additionally homologated into the Game Quattro highway automotive). Audi additionally experimented with a 25V head for the 5000 Quattro Talladega automotive, no longer a lot is understood concerning the head on that engine. ~ Steve Kujala

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